Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shatter for Shatter Day

As I have been reading on OPI updates on Facebook, today is shatter day! (or at least I think it is, not really sure when it comes to the time difference :P)

So I have sported Zebra nails!!!!!

Ever since I bought black shatter I have been DYING to try it out over white- and I was certainly not disappointed!

42 days ago I ordered some polish from a site called MBeauty Lounge. They had really cheap polishes with reasonable postage and OMG shipped to Australia! So I ordered the China Glaze Island Escape collection, OPI Spark de Triomphe, Zoya Faye (because I heard it was a dupe for OPI Rally Pretty Pink) and OPI's Alpine Snow (especially to try under my black shatter).
After waiting about 3 and a half weeks I got slightly concerned, and decided to google reviews on this company- something I really should have done BEFORE I bought the polishes. As it turns out the reviews for this website were pretty terrible, with many people claiming they had not received orders and saying that customer service was very bad.

Well after a stressful couple of weeks I FINALLY got MOST of my package- better than nothing as I was just about ready to write it off. I got all my polishes except China Glaze Electric Pineapple and Cha Cha Cha, with a note on the attached invoice saying 'credit' next to these polishes. Now I'm not sure what's going on because I have contacted MBeauty Lounge twice now with no response, and have not yet been credited on my account. Alas, receiving seven polishes out of nine is a lot better than zero!

So my experience with MBeauty Lounge was not too bad, however, I would not be confident to shop there again, I must keep a look out for other sites with a better reputation.

So sorry for the long story, but I had to explain how I got my hands onto the OPI Alpine Snow, and I am super excited to try out the other polishes I received- there will be swatches up of those beauties soon :)

 Above: Beautiful polishes that I received in the mail :)

Below: OPI Alpine Snow- quite a good formula for a white, this is 3 coats (so sorry about the pink cuticles)!

And finally- OPI Alpine Snow and Black Shatter- I absolutely LOVE this look, and couldn't have received this polish for a more perfect time- OPI Shatter Day!

So have any of you had experiences with MBeauty Lounge?
I'd love to hear some comments about good places to buy polish from :)

Claire x


  1. Oh wow, that's really disappointing about MBeautyLounge!! I was going to try them too! Thanks for letting everyone know, I'm sorry they stuffed you around so much :(
    You can get China Glazes from and .. MBL was the only place I found with Zoyas tho :(

  2. Yes 8ty8beauty is site i've heard a lot about! Next on my list to try :)