Saturday, 13 August 2011

More Cracked

So I thought I would try out my other Chrimoya cracked nail polish today called Prayer that I got in my last Beauty Joint haul. I thought I would pair it up with China Glaze's Pelican Gray.

What do you think? 

Claire :)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Making Up 4 My Age 100 follower giveaway

Congratulations to Vita for making 100 followers on her blog!

To celebrate she is hosting a giveaway!!!!!!

If you'd like to have a look at her blog and her giveaway here is the link

Once again, congratulations Vita! Wonderful blog :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hi-Res You & I

In my last post I asked people for any suggestions as to what polish I should wear next, and Kristy from The Polish Haven commented saying she'd like to see Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Res with Cherimoya Cracked Nail Polish You & I.

So here are some pics:

Above is 2 coats of Hi-Res with no topcoat

Below is You & I crackled on top:

Thanks Kristy for the feedback! I really like the effect of these two polishes! Hi-Res is an awesome glitter holographic polish with a lovely smooth finish, unlike some other glitters that are often grainy! Application for the two was a breeze and I felt that the Cherimoya polish cracked quite well! I didn't expect it to be as good as OPI's black shatter when I tried it, but was pleasantly surprised :)

If anyone else has any suggestions on what polish they'd like to see next on my blog please leave a comment and I would be delighted to post it!

Hope you all had a great weekend- Claire

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Parokeets Blog Summer Giveaway

For those of you that do not yet have Parokeets Blog on your blogrolls it is definitely worth checking out - awesome blog!

She is currently hosting an international giveaway of goodies- here is the link

Go check it out :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Beauty Joint Order

Today I received my order form Beauty Joint- I have been very excited about this order. After receiving my goods I can now say that I am a huge fan of this company and I give them 5 thumbs up!
To my relief nothing came broken and it was all wonderfully packed. The value for money you get when ordering from Beauty Joint is phenomenal!

 Above: My whole order, which only cost me $50 AU including postage! :)

 Above: NYX Ultra Pearl eyeshadows. From left to right (Lilac Pearl, Baby Pink Pearl, White Pearl, Nude Pearl). 
These eyeshadows are super pretty- possibly my favourite from the order :)

 Above: Kleancolor Holo Pink, Chunky Holo Teal and Chunky Holo Purple. 

 Above: Milani 3D Holographic Cyberspace, Hi-Res, Digital and HD

Above: Cherimoya cracked polish in Prayer and You & I.

Also with the order was a Milani Jewel FX in Gold and a bottle of NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Silver which you can see in the very first picture of this post showing the whole package I received. 

I'm having difficulty making up my mind on which polish I should choose next to wear. What polish do you think my next post should be on? 

Thanks for reading, 


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holographic WOW OH WOW!!!

I'm very excited to put up pictures of my nails sporting Color Club's Fashion Addict!

This is the first holographic nail polish I have worn and I love it so so much! At first when I put on the polish I wasn't too keen with it, but when I went into the sunshine or looked at it under a light I just couldn't help staring at my nails! Fashion addict is beautiful- and I'm proud to say that I was even able to capture this holographic wonder on my camera!!!

Check out these pics!!!!

Isn't it so cool? I also need to try out Color Club's Worth the Risque, and that's a holographic silver. Does anyone own some other cool holographic polishes?
I would love a whole collection of these- they're on the top of my wish list!!!

Polish Infatuated Turns One


Polish infatuated is having a giveaway!!!

Check out her site :)  

Good luck to those that enter!!!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Random swatching from recent haul

Well I still have heaps of colours to show you guys from my latest haul where I picked up a bunch of polishes from the Ebay store Nail Polish Elegance!!!!! And an update to my news that I blogged about in one of my previous blogs - the seller has re-sent me Zoya colours Ibiza and Moxie after I emailed her about them being destroyed in transit- woohoo! What great customer service!  :)

So anyway, here is Zoya Jo combined with my very first flakie- Nubar 2010:

I also got Nubar 2010 from Ebay - i'm really loving Ebay at the moment!

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I was trying to get the flakies to sparkle. I love the extra effect that Nubar 2010 gives to Jo - a nice extra dimension. Jo is a great colour that is completely opaque in 2 coats, maybe one if you're super good at application! Do you guys like this combo? I am really loving blues and greys at the moment for nails, not traditional like reds and pinks which I am used to, but absolutely love how these colours look on nails!

And here is another swatch people- China Glaze Ahoy. 

I know I keep saying 'this is one of my favourite colours' for each post I do, but there are just so many great colours out there!!! So yes I am going to say it again- THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COLOURS!!!!!!

The formula is a lot like china Glaze 108 degrees, and I do sometimes confuse them when they're in their bottles. The difference between them though is that Ahoy is a darker burgundy-red rather than a pink. But in some lights it does look like a dark pink rather than a red. I do love polishes that change with the light and you can't really define its specific colour. 

Okay so here are some pictures of my nails:

Above: My pet Rainbow Lorri - eying off my colourful nails!!!

What colours would you like to see me swatch next?

I'd love any feedback you have to offer :)


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leopart mani take 2

I know I have already tried this and blogged about it before, but i wasn't too happy with the result of my first trial. It looked more like polka dots. So when I received a bunch of polishes from my last haul I thought "wow these polishes would go PERFECTLY together for a leopard mani".

Another one of my favourites that I have just recently acquired is Zoya's robyn. The BEST blue I have tried that is perfect in two coats would go awesomely on any skin tone I think. 

And here is my leopard mani using Orly luxe and a black nail art pen :)

I think Zoya's Robyn and Orly Luxe go awesomely together!!! Both great colours!!!!!!

That's it for today!
Thanks guys

Claire :)

Polish Mayhem

Wow I'm so sorry for not being up to date with my blogging. In my last post I said that I aimed to do one at least once a week, but that was last sunday and already it is wednesday a week and a half later. So to make up for it I am going to do not one, but two blogs today :)

I'd first like to tell you about my recent haul from an Ebay seller named R93 and her Ebay store Nail Polish Elegance. Much better customer service and postage delivery times than MBeauty Lounge, a little more expensive but absolutely worth it! This seller stocks many many polishes and related products and many brands. I myself picked up Zoya, China Glaze, OPI and Color Club off this seller.

In total I bought 15 polishes!!!!!

 Above: China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, Sea Spray, Pelican Gray, Ahoy and White Cap.
 Above: Zoya Harley, Jo, Robyn and Dana.
 Above: Color Club Worth the Risque and Fashion Addict.
Above: Orly Luxe.

You may be thinking, but that's only 12 polishes, not 15. Well I also ordered OPI's Blue shatter which I forgot to photograph (oops) and unfortunately Zoya Ibiza and Moxie which I also ordered did not survive the freight over to Australia. They were completely shattered :( This is not the fault of the seller though, she wrapped the polishes so carefully. My package must have been extremely man-handled by the postal service. So unfortunately Zoya Ibiza and Moxie are still on my wishlist!

I was very excited when my order arrived, especially for Zoya Harley. I have been very excited about trying a grey nail polish, and I must say I was not disappointed!!! Zoya Harley is one of my favourites of this order, as well as Zoya Jo which is a beautiful lavender blue.

Here are some swatches of Harley:

Harley is  a lovely shimmery grey and perfect in 2 coats. These pictures here were shown without a clear top coat.

Hope you liked these pics- now off to wrie my second post :)

Thanks for reading!