Sunday, 17 July 2011

China Glaze 108 degrees

As the name suggests, this polish is HOT HOT HOT!

My favourite I think of the Island escape collection, 108 degrees in my opinion is a must have for any nail polish collection. As soon as I saw the first swatches of this colour I knew it had to be mine!

A gorgeous shimmery pink slight flecks of purple as it catches the light, the formula is beautiful and is another 1 coater (which I do love).

Sorry about my cuticles in this pic- my paint job is all over the place and I don't think I removed my last polish (Papaya Punch) very well either!
But just to give you an idea of the awesome beauty of this polish, here are some pictures:

I've read quite recently on other blogs that the dupe for this colour is OPI's Be A Dahlia Won't You, and I must say on looking at other people's comparisons they look EXACTLY the same- so whether you buy OPI or China Glaze there is no need to buy the other. 

Yesterday I tried China Glaze's Papaya Punch which I loved and looked awesome, but smudged it whilst it was still wet, so i'll have to do it again and hope to put a swatch up for you soon :)

I know the China Glaze Island Escape collection has been done HEAPS on other blogs, but it's new to me as I've only recently got these colours so I hope you don't mind reading yet another blog on this collection! 

I just received a package today of about 15 polishes from Ebay so that is another thing I will put up really soon- Uni is back now so I don't know how regularly i'll be able to post now, but my aim is at least once a week. 

Thanks for following!

If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions for this blog i'd love to hear from you- and please tell your friends about this blog too

Claire :)

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