Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Leopart mani take 2

I know I have already tried this and blogged about it before, but i wasn't too happy with the result of my first trial. It looked more like polka dots. So when I received a bunch of polishes from my last haul I thought "wow these polishes would go PERFECTLY together for a leopard mani".

Another one of my favourites that I have just recently acquired is Zoya's robyn. The BEST blue I have tried that is perfect in two coats would go awesomely on any skin tone I think. 

And here is my leopard mani using Orly luxe and a black nail art pen :)

I think Zoya's Robyn and Orly Luxe go awesomely together!!! Both great colours!!!!!!

That's it for today!
Thanks guys

Claire :)


  1. My favourite pedi colour ever! Great art!

  2. Thanks Kaz, these are definitely on my top 10 favourite list of colours :)

  3. New follower. Hi, I love the contrast of the black and gold,on blue! Pretty!