Sunday, 31 July 2011

Random swatching from recent haul

Well I still have heaps of colours to show you guys from my latest haul where I picked up a bunch of polishes from the Ebay store Nail Polish Elegance!!!!! And an update to my news that I blogged about in one of my previous blogs - the seller has re-sent me Zoya colours Ibiza and Moxie after I emailed her about them being destroyed in transit- woohoo! What great customer service!  :)

So anyway, here is Zoya Jo combined with my very first flakie- Nubar 2010:

I also got Nubar 2010 from Ebay - i'm really loving Ebay at the moment!

Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I was trying to get the flakies to sparkle. I love the extra effect that Nubar 2010 gives to Jo - a nice extra dimension. Jo is a great colour that is completely opaque in 2 coats, maybe one if you're super good at application! Do you guys like this combo? I am really loving blues and greys at the moment for nails, not traditional like reds and pinks which I am used to, but absolutely love how these colours look on nails!

And here is another swatch people- China Glaze Ahoy. 

I know I keep saying 'this is one of my favourite colours' for each post I do, but there are just so many great colours out there!!! So yes I am going to say it again- THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE COLOURS!!!!!!

The formula is a lot like china Glaze 108 degrees, and I do sometimes confuse them when they're in their bottles. The difference between them though is that Ahoy is a darker burgundy-red rather than a pink. But in some lights it does look like a dark pink rather than a red. I do love polishes that change with the light and you can't really define its specific colour. 

Okay so here are some pictures of my nails:

Above: My pet Rainbow Lorri - eying off my colourful nails!!!

What colours would you like to see me swatch next?

I'd love any feedback you have to offer :)


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