Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Australis Polishes

So as a treat to myself for finishing uni for the semester, I went to Priceline and bought some polishes. They had some really pretty colours in the Australis range, so I picked up the colours: Sweatpea, Peak-a-boo, Blue tiger and Knickers in a knot. I also picket up Sally Hansen's Complete care 4 in 1 treatment which acts as a topcoat, base coat, and nail strengthener. Yes I know that's only 3 things, and its meant to be a 4 in 1, but I threw out the packaging and can't remember what its other quality was!? It is a really good all- in -one polish though, which I am really happy with! I can feel that my nails have become stronger, and it adds a super glossy finish to your nails over a topcoat, and so super smooth to put on! :)

So here's what I ended up with when playing with the colours- I did not have chance to try out knickers in a knot, but will hopefully put up a post next week where I use this colour (it is a gorgeous pink red).

And yes once again my fingers have been stamped using  Konad, I just LOVE it!!!!
(All of my fingers have been top-coated with the 4 in 1)

This is Peak-a-boo stamped with Bundle Monster designs using Konad special polish in white. This covers okay in 2 coats, however for a great finish, best to use 3. It is a nice pastel purple.

 This is Sweatpea, and whilst I do love the pastel green colour, it does require ALOT of coats to achieve a bold colour. I used 4 coats, and think even another coat may have looked even better.

And last but not least..... Blue Tiger which has to be my favourite! Covers beautifully in one coat and is a gorgeous, slightly electric blue. I went over this blue with Sally Hansen's Fairy Tale Ivory just to add a little shimmer to it! I dotted the stamped flowers with a purple two-way nail art pen and I love what I have achieved! 

Til next time!!!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Playing around

Here are a few pics I'd like to share that I worked on a couple of days ago. I am still practicing on the Konad stamps, and have tried my first attempt at a leopard mani. On the China Glaze website they have a fantastic tutorial on how to go about doing leopard print nail art which they demonstrated with their Island Escape collection colours. I am still waiting on an order to get the colours from that collection (can't wait!) but tried it with some polish I already have. I love the way the leopard print styles look when using bright bold colours!!!

So here are my pics:

 The top thumb is painted with Chi Chi Check Out Chick and stamped with Konad special polish white using BM plate 02. The bottom thumb is painted using two way nail art pens I got off  Ebay and stamped several times using BM plate 06.

The polishes used here were: Chi Chi Check Out Chick, Chi Chi Merman, Chi Chi Mermaid and Sally Hansen Green With Envy. 

I just love Chi Chi's Check Out Chick - I have been using it a lot lately! It applies very smoothly and completely covers in one coat. For these pictures though I have used two coats just for good measure :) 

Of all of these designs my favourite is the thumb I decorated using the two-way nail art pens. I think using two colours with the layer of the stamps over the top looks pretty cool!

Bye for now :)


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

First Blog!!!!


This is my first blog and I am very nervous!
I'm not exactly sure how to properly blog, but hopefully I will get better in time!

I've always loved colours and painting nails, but my addiction has only recently developed. I love painting nails with my sister and really started to become addicted when  I was reading a magazine and read about OPI's black shatter. I was so excited! I started to search about polishes and nail art on the net and found a huge polish community- I didn't realise there were so many blogs about polish! Recently I have discovered the Konad nail art system and have been playing with two- way nail art  pens. I have become so passionate about nail art I thought I would like to contribute my passion and hopefully meet others who also feel the same.

 Rather than putting up posts about the latest polishes- as i have never been really up to date (I usually always find out about new stuff  some time later) I thought  I would simply contribute my nail art designs and thoughts on polishes and products as I buy them. I don't know much about the technical terms for describing polishes, but will try my best to upload some gorgeous pics of very colorful nail art that will hopefully inspire! :)

This pic is taken a couple of months ago (I'm proud to say my nails are a bit longer now!).
It's OPI's Black Shatter over OPI's Katy Perry: Last Friday night.
Shatter is a wonderful product that looks good over any nail polish and very fun to use :)

Happy reading, 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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