Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hi-Res You & I

In my last post I asked people for any suggestions as to what polish I should wear next, and Kristy from The Polish Haven commented saying she'd like to see Milani 3D Holographic Hi-Res with Cherimoya Cracked Nail Polish You & I.

So here are some pics:

Above is 2 coats of Hi-Res with no topcoat

Below is You & I crackled on top:

Thanks Kristy for the feedback! I really like the effect of these two polishes! Hi-Res is an awesome glitter holographic polish with a lovely smooth finish, unlike some other glitters that are often grainy! Application for the two was a breeze and I felt that the Cherimoya polish cracked quite well! I didn't expect it to be as good as OPI's black shatter when I tried it, but was pleasantly surprised :)

If anyone else has any suggestions on what polish they'd like to see next on my blog please leave a comment and I would be delighted to post it!

Hope you all had a great weekend- Claire


  1. Hi Res looks beautiful Claire & the Cherimoya does give a nice cracked effect!

  2. oh wow that looks awesome! I love the Milani 3D's!

  3. Fantastic holo - obviously I wasn't too far off in my last comment saying I'd like a pink/purple shatter combo! *blonde moment*.

  4. I would love to see a brown with a pink and green marble design

  5. WOW that Milani is beyond gorgeous!