Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holographic WOW OH WOW!!!

I'm very excited to put up pictures of my nails sporting Color Club's Fashion Addict!

This is the first holographic nail polish I have worn and I love it so so much! At first when I put on the polish I wasn't too keen with it, but when I went into the sunshine or looked at it under a light I just couldn't help staring at my nails! Fashion addict is beautiful- and I'm proud to say that I was even able to capture this holographic wonder on my camera!!!

Check out these pics!!!!

Isn't it so cool? I also need to try out Color Club's Worth the Risque, and that's a holographic silver. Does anyone own some other cool holographic polishes?
I would love a whole collection of these- they're on the top of my wish list!!!


  1. I have this one. It's gorgeous. I didn't take such good pictures though. I also have worth the Risque, Love Em Leave Em and a purple one all by Color club

  2. Thanks Cat! Love em and leave em looks beautiful on some of the pics i've googled! Apparently Wild at Heart is great for stamping with and that's a very deep, rich purple :)