Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Australis Polishes

So as a treat to myself for finishing uni for the semester, I went to Priceline and bought some polishes. They had some really pretty colours in the Australis range, so I picked up the colours: Sweatpea, Peak-a-boo, Blue tiger and Knickers in a knot. I also picket up Sally Hansen's Complete care 4 in 1 treatment which acts as a topcoat, base coat, and nail strengthener. Yes I know that's only 3 things, and its meant to be a 4 in 1, but I threw out the packaging and can't remember what its other quality was!? It is a really good all- in -one polish though, which I am really happy with! I can feel that my nails have become stronger, and it adds a super glossy finish to your nails over a topcoat, and so super smooth to put on! :)

So here's what I ended up with when playing with the colours- I did not have chance to try out knickers in a knot, but will hopefully put up a post next week where I use this colour (it is a gorgeous pink red).

And yes once again my fingers have been stamped using  Konad, I just LOVE it!!!!
(All of my fingers have been top-coated with the 4 in 1)

This is Peak-a-boo stamped with Bundle Monster designs using Konad special polish in white. This covers okay in 2 coats, however for a great finish, best to use 3. It is a nice pastel purple.

 This is Sweatpea, and whilst I do love the pastel green colour, it does require ALOT of coats to achieve a bold colour. I used 4 coats, and think even another coat may have looked even better.

And last but not least..... Blue Tiger which has to be my favourite! Covers beautifully in one coat and is a gorgeous, slightly electric blue. I went over this blue with Sally Hansen's Fairy Tale Ivory just to add a little shimmer to it! I dotted the stamped flowers with a purple two-way nail art pen and I love what I have achieved! 

Til next time!!!!


  1. That's a shame about Sweet Pea as it's a gorgeous colour! And congrats on finishing uni for the semester, it's such a great feeling :)

  2. Peek-a-boo is a cute colour!

    Welcome to blogging fellow uni student! It's such a procrastinating/stress-relief tool :D

  3. Wow thanks guys for the comment! So excited I have some followers, you're comments are really appreciated! :)